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Life cycle.

How does death change your perspective?

Well, if I give it a thought, it takes me into the deep end of my brain. What happens after death has always provoked a feeling in me. Concepts of heaven and hell has been a debate ever since I took my first breath. However being a student of science and half advanced with the recent technologies, I prefer to think that this universe works on the principle of exchange of energy!

Looking at this from a physical point of we, we consume the energy from plants and animals and once we die, we are consumed by them. Think about it, when we are put under the ground, we decompose. The plants consume us which are in turn consumed by the animals. It looks like a never ending cycle.

But if we think of all of this in a spiritual manner, probably we do have a soul that is always hunting for a medium. In a way it is like a new beginning, isn’t it?

Anyway, coming back to the topic of the day, my perspective about death has never changed. It has been the same. I have been living a stressful life for the past 4 years and have always had a thought that, maybe, just Maybe, after death there might be peace. There is no one asking to submit work before deadline, no body to criticize me or give the tips that were not even asked to begin with.

Though I feel this way, I have been changing my thoughts and perspective of life, if not death.

I have a lot left to accomplish before my soul starts afresh. Who knows, if I have to again go through a life of human to reach this point in life in another living being. Or what if my soul finds a Eviota next! I heard it faces todays hot topic in a span of 8 weeks. Imagine the pressure on this tiny coral far away in the sea to accomplish life in such a small span of time.

Again sorry for not filtering my brain. What I would like to express is that, life is short! Death is everywhere and escaping it everyday is the main challenge of life. The SA node of the heart can decide to just stop any micro second now, so we better live life rather than find perspectives about life and death.

This is my take on today’s hot topic. What are your thoughts??

One thought on “Life cycle.

  1. Thanks for sharing this piece @gubbibhat. It prompted me to contribute my two cents here. Just this morning I woke up to the tragic news of earthquake shattering Turkey and Syria. It numbed me for a few seconds. It is true that this is one life and one ought to make the most of it but sometimes, I am simply stupefied by the fact that no matter how much we control or advance ourselves, nature eventually overpowers us. Death is inevitable. Our stay is timed already but we live as if we are here forever.

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